LinkedIn SPEAKER #LinkedInLocal Host #LinkedInLocalMSN #LocalXMadison

LinkedIn SPEAKER #LinkedInLocal Host #LinkedInLocalMSN #LocalXMadison

I'm a LinkedIn Local Panelist, Speaker & Host in Madison, WI

The Best LinkedIn #ProfilesThatPOP Content Out There [UPDATED 29-March!]

NOTICE: DM me times you'd like me to do Career Q&A on Zoom! Getting Notifications & content you want? ????? ??! I change this article often to add/update for NEW/BETTER content! Why: The Algorithm is learning from EVERYTHING you do. So following and ...

LinkedIn Local Madison: COLLABORATE

November 22, 2019: Let's put all that we have learned to TEST and START CREATING!

LinkedIn Local Madison: CREATE

October 25, 2019: Ready to CREATE? Learn the specifics to break through the noise.

LinkedIn Local Fall Event Series: CONNECT

September 27, 2019: How to Build a Community on LinkedIn (Part 1 of 3) ❝It’s not about what you know, but about who you know and after this event you’re about to know thousands more! Join us for this workshop session as we share the insider secrets to building a massive community to reach your goals.❞

LinkedIn Local Madison: Popup!

August 29, 2019: Join us for the launch of our Fall 2019 LinkedIn Local Madison series!

I had a bad week 😞 busy OFF LinkedIn...

I presented on Profiles That πŸ…ΏπŸ…ΎπŸ…Ώ!β„’, went to Summerfest & took an anniversary trip. BUT to my surprise, I was still rockin' Brenda Meller (Zawacki) β˜•οΈ's #LinkedInROCKSTARS list!...

LinkedIn Local Madison Pop Up: Algorithm Do's and Don'ts on LinkedIn

November 7, 2018: Ever wonder just what's going on behind the scenes on LinkedIn? Maybe you're asking yourself... How do I get in front of as many people as possible? What content should I be putting out and why? Do hashtags even matter?!

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