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Does LinkedIn Work? [Got My Job With 1 Tweak]

Yep. I got my job from one tweak on LinkedIn. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is. But it's true. How do I know? It happened to me. What's My Story

I Recommend You Don't Use LinkedIn

That title may confuse you. But its intent is true! You see, recommendations are one of the best things about LinkedIn - but they bury them. So I

Jared J. WIESE on LinkedIn: “"Help me... help you!" As a…

"Help me... help you!" As a #RésuméWriter, I sometimes feel exactly like Jerry Maguire! Do you look pretty, do a dance... or do you show your value /…

Burn Your Résumé for LinkedIn? [Why NOT!]

Some say you should swap résumés for online profiles. I disagree. I wish it were that easy! We have no control over what companies need from

Headlines Get The Job: The 3 Ts of Tagline, Talents, and Targets

What's in a headline? Why is it important? Let's discuss... The Brand-to-Land Coach/Writer for gutsy Execs, Innovators, Coaches. Rise faster, earn

The Career Circles of Ikigai [Profession, Pursuit, Purpose and Passion]

Why do you wake up in the morning? Is it for a JOB you LOVE? You see, it's all about finding your Ikigai. I revised the Japanese version to tie it

#͕̬͇̘̥̤ͤͨ̈́̑̓ͯÒ̩̬Ṉ̝̘͐̏ͮ͂̚Ọ̭̜̃, Get Found for That New Job!

Are you #ONO? (Here's our original article on the hashtag.) It's an acronym for Open to New Opportunities. The idea is to help others find you. It's

Does Work SUCK? [Let's DO Something About It!]

WAIT. Work sucks for you too? Probably! At least 67% of Americans are not happy with their jobs. The Gallup World Poll says it's as high as 85%.

Unhappy at Work? 85% Are! [How YOU Can Fix It]

The Gallup World Poll found 85% of employees are unhappy at work. As they put it, employees are disengaged in the Broken Workplace. Gallup suggests

Why Quitting Social Media is Wrong for Your Career

I disagree with Cal Newport, the author of "Deep Work" In his NY Times article, Cal Newport makes his case against social media. Adam Grant disagreed

What's in YOUR Profile? [Your Capital One Wallet]

Brand Recognition Remember those Capital One commercials? Who doesn't?! "What's in your wallet?" For some reason, I keep thinking of that ad - and

Why You Get/Lose Jobs In Seconds (and How to Fix It)

It's your résumé, of course! UPDATE 4/5/2017: In the new interface LinkedIn collapsed everything but your Headline down to a few initial words.

Career Tips and Links [A One Stop Shop]

This article is a reference site of career links. It contains the following topics (so far): SELLING YOURSELF (LinkedIn), JOB HUNTING, COVER LETTERS,

Jared J. Wiese on LinkedIn: "Know why #résumés are USELESS? ...

Know why #résumés are USELESS? SEE what Darren Hardy says & what YOU can do. SPOILER: It ties nicely to #ikigai. Watch the #DarrenDaily video (w/in...

#ONO! You're Blowing (SNO) With "Open to New Opportunities"

If you've got a headline with words like "Seeking new opportunities", you're blowing (SNO)! TL;DR If you are looking for a job, add #ONO to your

Have I Got a Job Story [Desperation Gets the Job]

Ever been desperate for a job? I was... My company sent me to France to help deploy a global client/server ERP implementation. By all accounts, it

JUST a Résumé? [A Better Job Strategy]

When looking for that dream job - or even just "a job" - all you need is a résumé. Right? Well, that's what I see the most. You know what I see the

Why Only YOU Can Master Your Career

The bad news We all must deal with our career - usually quite often. It's a topic you learned little about in school. So you are left to your own

All Career Articles by #TheVALUEprofiler

I put together this collection of my main career articles. This way, the Do-It-Yourself guys have an index. (I know how it is. ;) If you'd like more

Change Your Career [How to Positively Disrupt Opportunities]

I was really impressed when I read the following post by the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Often the message coming down from the C-Suite is a

STAND O̷̯̣̼̐͌ͣ͋͌̓ͯUͩͬT̘̘̬̝̩̗ on LinkedIn

I get asked this question often. Usually, it is from those who are not on LinkedIn. Or those who don't need a job. Why Use LinkedIn There are over 500

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