Best Résumé Advice - #ResumesThatPOP #ProfilesThatPOP!™

Best Résumé Advice - #ResumesThatPOP #ProfilesThatPOP!™

97% of résumés don't get you the job. They must: 1) Pass an ATS, 2) Sell you in SECONDS, and 3) Make a FIRST impression. That's why even #ResumesThatPOP are SECOND to LinkedIn #ProfilesThatPOP!

The Best LinkedIn #ProfilesThatPOP Content Out There [UPDATED 29-March!]

NOTICE: DM me times you'd like me to do Career Q&A on Zoom! Getting Notifications & content you want? ????? ??! I change this article often to add/update for NEW/BETTER content! Why: The Algorithm is learning from EVERYTHING you do. So following and ...

56 Resume Tips to Transform Your Job Search - Jobscan Blog

The most comprehensive list of resume tips and examples including resume sections, formatting, ATS, resume writing, and hard skills.

Eye-Tracking: Recruiters Average 7.4 Seconds Reviewing a Résumé - Recruiting Daily Advisor

Despite record low unemployment, a new study finds that jobseekers have just 7.4 seconds to make an impression on recruiters but can improve their résumés for extra attention. Ladders, Inc., a career site for $100k jobs, has released the updated 2018 version of its “Eye-Tracking Study”—first unveiled in 2012—that tracks the amount of time recruiters […]

Your Résumé Has Only 5 Seconds To Grab Someone's Attention -- Here Is What You Should Do Now

There has been a continuous trend leading up to a confluence of factors, which results in your résumé either being reviewed by artificial intelligence technology or junior-level human resources screeners who will skim-read it.

Is LinkedIn Working for You This Labor Day? Find Out With FREE Review!

FREE Résumé/Profile REVIEW - My Labor Day Special to you! My consulting company was supposed to get my next gig. One week left, then no job. So I took

How to Make Sure You Get Jobs in 6 Seconds

It's your résumé, of course! UPDATE 4/5/2017: In the new interface LinkedIn collapsed everything but your Headline down to a few initial words.

"Help me... help you!" as Résumé Writer Jerry Maguire!

As a Résumé Writer, I sometimes feel exactly like Jerry Maguire! Do you look pretty, do a dance... or do you show your value / #UVP to your ideal employer on your #Résumé? The whole idea behind a résumé is to briefly highlight your #accomplishments / #results. Not your life or even career story. How do you help the hiring manager... hire you? Or your résumé writer?! ;)

JUST a Résumé? [A Better Job Strategy]

When looking for that dream job - or even just "a job" - all you need is a résumé. Right? Well, that's what I see the most. You know what I see the

Burn Your Résumé for LinkedIn? [Why NOT!]

Some say you should swap résumés for online profiles. I disagree. I wish it were that easy! We have no control over what companies need from

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Know why #résumés are USELESS? …

SEE what Darren Hardy says & what YOU can do. SPOILER: It ties nicely to #ikigai. Watch the #DarrenDaily video...

RECOMMENDATIONS for #TheVALUEprofiler: PROFILES, Résumés, Coaching

I attract Jobs with Unique Value Propositions, LinkedIn MAKEOVERS & résumé REDOS: ➊Find your #UVP ➋Attract recruiters ➌Pass the résumé ATS Can I help?

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