The Best LinkedIn Articles for Profiles That POP!

The Best LinkedIn Articles for Profiles That POP!

All the best LinkedIn Articles from Profiles That POP!™ in one place!

The Best LinkedIn #ProfilesThatPOP Content Out There [UPDATED 29-March!]

NOTICE: DM me times you'd like me to do Career Q&A on Zoom! Getting Notifications & content you want? ????? ??! I change this article often to add/update for NEW/BETTER content! Why: The Algorithm is learning from EVERYTHING you do. So following and ...

Do You Really Need Premium to Get Hired Faster?

Even though LinkedIn says, Candidates with Premium Career get hired an average of 2X as fast., I'm not so sure.

I'm So Grateful for My 🅲🅾🅽🅽🅴🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽🆂 This Holiday!

So many incredible people who want to learn, share & grow, that I want to keep adding value to your feed! To that end, here are #3freetips #howto control feed content with the new LinkedIn algorithm, as it might not work as you'd expect: FOLLOW, ENGAGE & HASHTAGS..

The Best 3 Ways You Can Make Linkedin Profiles That Pop!™

Do you want to know the top 3 tips to make your LinkedIn profile POP? Start with attention spans. They're short! Thus, I'm not going to bore you with a ton of info or dialog.

I Recommend You Don't Use LinkedIn

That title may confuse you. But its intent is true! You see, recommendations are one of the best things about LinkedIn - but they bury them. So I

When the LinkedIn App is Better Than the Browser

I started this as a post July 2017. It has since gotten too large to maintain there. I wanted to track the bugs and inconsistencies after the complete overhaul of the LinkedIn browser platform in 2017 in the hopes that I could tell people when they were resolved. But they just keep coming! So I am keeping this article updated. Here's more of the reason why...

#ONO, Get Found for That New Job!

Are you #͕̬͇̘̥̤ͤͨ̈́̑̓ͯÒ̩̬Ṉ̝̘͐̏ͮ͂̚Ọ̭̜̃? (Here's our original article on the hashtag.) It's an acronym for Open to New Opportunities. The idea is to

#ONO is Open to New Opportunities - Else You're Blowing SNO!

If you've got a headline with words like Seeking new opportunities, you're only blowing (SNO) - when you could be #ONO!

The Career Circles of Ikigai [Profession, Pursuit, Purpose and Passion]

Why do you wake up in the morning? Is it for a JOB you LOVE? You see, it's all about finding your Ikigai. I revised the Japanese version to tie it

What's in YOUR Profile? [Your Capital One Wallet]

Brand Recognition Remember those Capital One commercials? Who doesn't?! What's in your wallet? For some reason, I keep thinking of that ad - and LinkedIn. Of course, I have to adjust it a tad, to What's in YOUR profile? You see, just like Capital One did so well, you need to tell a compelling an

Desperation Gets the Job - Have I Got a Job Story and Lesson!

Ever been desperate for a job? I was... My company sent me to France to help deploy a global client/server ERP implementation. By all accounts, it

Unhappy at Work? 85% Are! [How YOU Can Fix It]

The Gallup World Poll found 85% of employees are unhappy at work. As they put it, employees are disengaged in the Broken Workplace.

JUST a Résumé? [A Better Job Strategy]

When looking for that dream job - or even just a job - all you need is a résumé. Right? Well, that's what I see the most.

Does Work SUCK? [Let's DO Something About It!]

WAIT. Work sucks for you too? Probably! At least 67% of Americans are not happy with their jobs.

Comfortably Being Uncomfortable: Growth When Stuck

“You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” -Brian Tracy Hacking Life I ran across a life hack with this quote as its premise.

Consciously Practicing Gratitude: Good, Bad AND Ugly

Ever hear, Be grateful you have a roof over your head!!? Hopefully, you don't think of the act of being grateful this way! It turns out there are more benefits to being grateful than you may realize. Dr.

Lost in Your LinkedIn Feed? THEN SOBER UP!

See the UPDATES at the end of the post! John Naisbitt said We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. What better place to see this infoxication than on LinkedIn.

Power of Threes: Think, Write & Act

Why do we think, write and act in threes? I'd offer that there's power, results and feeling that comes with threes..

Why Quitting Social Media is Wrong for Your Career

I disagree with Cal Newport, the author of “Deep Work In his NY Times article, Cal Newport makes his case against social media. Adam Grant disagreed with Mr.

6 Daily Questions for Quality of Life [A New Habit and Template]

Learn how the right questions can create a quality life - in as little as six questions and six minutes a day!  Could it be that easy? Read this article, make it a habit, and see! For the TL;DR kids, here's the summary in two points:  The #FiveMinuteJournal meets #MiracleMorning: #SixMinuteScribing

Change Your Career [How to Positively Disrupt Opportunities]

I was really impressed when I read the following post by the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Often the message coming down from the C-Suite is a we-need-to-improve-our-numbers one.

Career Tips and Links [A One Stop Shop]

This article is a reference site of career links. It contains the following topics (so far): SELLING YOURSELF (LinkedIn), JOB HUNTING, COVER LETTERS, RESUMES, NO EXPERIENCE, INTERVIEWS, and OFFERS.

Why Only YOU Can Master Your Career

The bad news We all must deal with our career - usually quite often. It’s a topic you learned little about in school.

How and Why to Master Your HEALTH

I am writing in the #IfIWere22 series in hopes of paying it forward. This is information I wish I had known a lot earlier in my life, as I have realized how much of an impact a few life skills have on us.

How to Best Save Sites - in Your Pocket!

Ever run across a great website and realize later you wish you'd saved a link to it? Maybe it finally sinks in and now you want to review something about it. Don't you wish you had that in your pocket for quick reference? This article will help with that! I have bookmarks.

6 Areas You Can Master for a Better Life

Some life skills are often needed, yet rarely mastered. This post will get you on track to mastering them in no time, for a better life! Not mastering these life areas sets us up for limited results at best, or frequent pain at worst.

Invest Better Than Buffett, Warren!

This post is both a 9-point critique of the Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Investing post from James Altucher, coupled with better tips I have learned over the years about investing.  Someone who bought an S&P 500 fund.

Why You Get/Lose Jobs In Seconds (and How to Fix It)

It's your résumé, of course! UPDATE 4/5/2017: In the new interface LinkedIn collapsed everything but your Headline down to a few initial words. IMPACT: This means your résumé and profile need to catch attention in seconds.

How to Be the Best Business Analyst

Let's look at some common definitions and resources that define a Business Analyst (BA). Then we'll cover roles, competencies and diversity that exists in the real world.

How to Add Business Value with Blueworks Mapping

This post describes what I have learned about process mapping and resulting business value using IBM's Blueworks Live. First I discuss the need to document processes.

How to Get Business Analysis Requirements Right

A great topic came up in the IIBA group, What's your trick to creating a complete requirements package..

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