Jared J. Wiese - My Best 3 Business Analysis Articles

Jared J. Wiese - My Best 3 Business Analysis Articles

Jared J. Wiese's best Business Analysis articles, a podcast and presentation👉 How to Be the Best 3.0 BA; Getting Requirements Right; BPM Process Mapping

How to Be the Best Business Analyst (BA)

Let's look at some common definitions and resources that define a Business Analyst (BA). Then we'll cover roles, competencies and diversity that exists in the real world. Finally I'll put it all together to try to describe what makes the best BAs and how they add value to the Business they Analyze.

How to Get Business Analysis Requirements Right

A great topic came up in the IIBA group, Q: ❝What's your trick to creating a complete requirements package?❞. Here was the answer... A: ❝I find functional decomposition (start with high level objectives and basically making a tree hierarchy down to solution level requirements) is one really good starting method.❞ ...This was an Aha! moment for me. I found we can use this approach to elicit the right requirements, identify gaps, and tie to Agile. We can do this all with the business actively involved. That way, you have no surprises when it comes to sign-off.

How to Show the Best Value with BPM Process Mapping

This post describes what I have learned about process mapping and resulting business value using IBM's Blueworks Live. 1. First I discuss the need to document processes. 2. Then I summarize the benefits of Blueworks, and describe the ease and power of using it. I quote some powerful features of the tool, then compare to Visio. 3. Finally, I show how you can not only add value properties, but make them jump out with colors.

My podcast on Getting Requirements Right - from the article

Discover a simple approach for focusing on value to help you not just elicit requirements, but to get requirements right.

Jared J. Wiese

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My Best 3 Articles on Business Analysis

This article is an index of my top 3 #BusinessAnalysis articles have over 9,000 views and 600 likes (when including groups)! How to Be the Best Business Analyst How to Get Business Analysis Requirements Right (This one turned into a podcast: MBA117 P...

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