#10tips10days - Jared J. Wiese - LinkedInTips

#10tips10days - Jared J. Wiese - LinkedInTips

INCLUDES: Better Tagging, Trouble Tagging, Not Just Professional, See Comments Faster, Missing Articles, Lost Linkedin Data, Get Your Posts, Get Post Links, When Stats Stall, Showcase Recommendations

#Day1 BETTER POST TAGGING #10tips10days on #LinkedInTips

Do you #tag people so they can see your posts? It's unfortunate we have to do that... Here are some better ways and considerations.


LinkedIn isn't only about being professional and jobs. In short, people want to know more about you. So show them! But professionally, of course! ;)

#Day5 - MISSING ARTICLES? Find them, handle glitches, and get help

Here's how to survive frequent glitches on LinkedIn, get at all your articles, and get help from LinkedIn when all else fails!

#Day6 - LOST LINKEDIN DATA? #DownloadYourData NOW!

Here's how to request a backup of all your LinkedIn data. No, posts aren't deleted after 2 months or even 2 years... Also see Day7!


See the following RECOMMENDATIONS card. I will soon do a Loom on how I did this too! Let me know if you'd like to see that! info@profilesthatpop.com

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#10Tips10Days - Jared J. Wiese - Complete (2018)

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